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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Michela Valcaccia - Event Planner

Michela is an Italian event and wedding planner, she was born in Siena in the heart of Tuscany where she has based her business. She is a law graduate that had the strength to change her career to chase her passion of event planning. At the beginning of her career Michela went to Anna Frascisco’ s academy, a wedding planning brand known world wide, where she created an important collaboration’s portfolio and connections with the best wedding suppliers; she now is well known and respected throughout Italy and especially in Tuscany. Michela and I share the same passion and philosophy when it comes to our job, we both combine the love for our home country, culture and territory with the goal to offer our clients the best service and experience at the best possible value. Michela’s attention to detail and way of thinking of always put as a priority to take the time for getting to know well her clients with their personal taste and needs is shown in her well organised and elegant events always felt by the clients their every own.

Michela, how did you start your career in event planning?

My career event planning started only by chance when I was at the first year at law university: A big event planning agency in Florence was looking for some help to organise an event in the pharmaceutical sector and a medical conference , the opportunity sounded very interesting to me and I began working for the event agency when my university commitments permitted it. After my graduation I followed the family tradition and started working in the banking industry but, even if I had a great job, I missed the event planning world and been able to fully express my creativity. Supported by my husband I decide to follow my dream of working in the event planning industry and begun my formation with Anna Frascisco, a widely-known and appreciated expert in the business, and decided to focus only on the more intimate private events. The career changing decision is the best I ever made!

Why did you choose the region of Tuscany for your business?

I was born and I grow up in Tuscany! As a kid I spent most of my holiday travelling around the region in a caravan with my family discovering the hidden treasures it has to offer. I strongly believe that only with a deep knowledge of the territory and its culture you are able to satisfy every client, their different needs and expectations.

What to you love the most about your job?

The satisfaction in see the day of the wedding, or private party, unfolding perfectly organised and managed always pays for off for all the hard work behind it. The event’s day is always the busiest and more stressful for everyone , but seeing your hard work taking shape into success and everyone having a great time, but receiving good feedback by the clients and knowing they are happy and pleased with your job, it’s thrilling every time.

Which services your company offer to the clients?

We work closely together with our clients to design a celebration that not only looks incredible and run smoothly but that feels right for them: reflecting their needs and likes. We offer a tailor-made service and provide help and support with every aspect of the event planning and running : from choosing the venues of your dream, to suggest suppliers that we know and trust and to help with the contract with them, to plan together the style and decorations for the event, and help with the budget’s administration. Our service is perfect to include event styling and planning, if even the customers have already found some of their key suppliers and have a clear idea of the way they want their celebration to look; we are happy, at any time they feel is right, to take over and relieve the stress by putting together a detailed plan, coordinating all the suppliers, making them feeling organised and on track and managing everything on the day.

Is getting married in Italy something very expensive that only a small elite can afford?

The final price obviously goes up if the clients want to cover costs of their guest transport to the event and accommodation, but thanks to my large network of contact on the territory I’m always able to offer great solutions at excellent value for money. I offer a, free of charge, first consultation where we can establish if the cost of they dream event is in their budget, I always do my best to offer my clients the best value for their chosen services but meeting their budget, and don’t overcome it, is one of my number one priority.

Tell us which are for you the best reason to choose Italy, and Tuscany in particular, for your special event

Italy, in my opinion, is probably the most beautifully varied country in the world : we have beautiful sea and mountains, very charming and poetic hills ( like the Chianti hills in Tuscany) cities famous for their culture, art , architecture and museum, some of the best wines in the world and a well known traditional way of cooking. There is no better place to celebrate a special occasion and spent few days around the country to discover some of its treasures.

Michela's favourite wedding and party venues in...

  • Tuscany - Antica Fattoria di Paterno, Montespertoli’s Town, in the heart of the Chianti’s Hills.

  • Borgo Stomennano - a stunning location in the medieval village of Monteriggioni, near Siena.

  • Lake Como - Villa Erba. Breathtaking and flexible with interior and outdoor spaces.

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